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ASNU Classic GDI Injector Cleaning

Posted on: December 18th, 2020 by NEAT

We have been undertaking plenty of ASNU Classic GDI injector cleaning recently in the workshop. We advise getting your injectors tested and cleaned along with a carbon intake valve clean. These two jobs go hand in hand. When your valves get a build up of carbon, they in turn start to block the tiny holes on the injectors. When the holes on the injectors get blocked up, the spray pattern becomes irregular between each injector which causes the vehicle to misfire/run lumpy along with various other issues.

The ASNU Injector Cleaning system allows the us to visually examine the injectors, on an individual cycle or in sequential mode. We can then compare the injectors performance under a range of simulated Millisecond & RPM driving cycles, already programmed in to the ASNU system.

Injector cleaning machine

Here’s a slow motion video showing the spray pattern on 4 injectors. As you can see the spray pattern is exactly the same on each injector. This shows that the holes on each injector must be clear of dirt particles.

The injectors also get a flow test. To do this, test fluid is pumped through the injectors to make sure they allow the same measurement through. We can safely allow a 10% difference between the least measurement, and the most. As you can see on the picture below, this test has shown each injector is working to exactly the same level.

injector testing

ASNU Classic GDI Injector Cleaning

Once they come out of the ASNU Classic GDI Injector Cleaning system, they sit in the built in Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath. As a result, this will clean the outside of the injector and pulse through any particles of dirt.

In conclusion this is just one service carried out by ourselves. One of many that our current and future customers may not know about. Find out more on our services page here:



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