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Maintaining A Perfect ride with Tyres for your Volkswagen Audi SEAT Skoda BMW Porsche

At North East Auto Tech we take great pride in ensuring your tyres meet the requirements that they should when driving on todays roads to maintain a perfect ride. With only an average of 8 inches square of rubber touching the road why choose poor / budget quality tyres.


Wheel Alignment

We have now invested in a 4 wheel alignment machine to be able to carry everything out in house. We advise getting 4 wheel alignment on your vehicle whenever you have had tyres replaced to prevent undue wear on the tyres. We also recommend wheel alignment to be carried out when you have had Arms or Bushes replaced as it can knock your alignment off slightly which can cause uneven tyre wear, a crooked steering wheel and pulling to the right/left among other things!

Correct wheel alignment improves road holding and maximises the life of tyres. As a result, Aligning only the front two wheels may resolve alignment issues for most vehicles, but aligning all 4 wheels will reinstate the vehicles original specification set by the manufacturer to help reduce all round tyre wear and fuel efficiency. Finally this ensures your safety through service.

Prices start from £60.


What increases tyre wear:
  • Driving style – aggressive cornering and braking increases wear
  • Position – front tyres wear faster because of movement through steering. Tyres on driven wheels will also wear more quickly
  • Speed – high speed driving increases temperature and wear
  • Load – excess load increases wear
  • Pressure – under inflation (through increased flexing and temperature) and over inflation (through reduced contact area) can both increase wear
  • Alignment – tyres will wear quickly and unevenly if wheel alignment is wrong or if suspension components like shock absorbers are worn.
The optimum tyre will:
  • Maintain the fuel economy of your vehicle
  • Give enhanced grip on the road whatever the condition
  • Provide you with a smooth and quiet experience when driving


Inspecting the tyre

The lawful requirement for minimum tyre tread depth in the United Kingdom is currently 1.6mm over the mid three quarters of the tyre width and around the full perimeter. Failure to maintain tyre minimum tread depth can result in 3 penalty points and a fine. We suggest that your tyres are changed when the depth of tread achieves 3mm to preserve the vehicle’s best performance. Poor tyres can cause increased braking distances and poor stability on todays roads.

With the comfort of a specialist service at your fingertips, N E A T are on standby if you have any issues with your tyres or if you just want some specialist guidance on which tyres are most suitable for your vehicle on todays roads.

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