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Walnut Intake Valve Cleaning

Walnut Intake Valve Clean

Due to popular demand we have invested in a Walnut Blasting machine to carry out Walnut Intake Valve Cleaning. In short this process will blast walnut shell into your Inlet tract and Inlet valves and clear them of the carbon deposits!

A vehicle can experience any of the below problems, such as; loss of performance, increased fuel consumption, and rough idling. These are all symptoms of valve deposits and contamination.

Unfavourable driving habits such as frequent short trips and stop and go traffic together with increasing bio ingredients in fuel worsens matters. Using additives will not stop carbon from building up in the valves, as the fuel does not come into direct contact with the valves.

What does it do?

The pressurized machine blasts the walnut shell (similar to sand blasting) into the valves. The granules are blasted through the specialized machine at such high speed, it reduces the build up with ease. All whilst still being soft enough to not cause any damage to the lining of the inlet valves.
The method is highly cost effective as opposed to older methods of cleaning the valves manually and with chemicals. It is a quick and easy way to restore performance and economy to your vehicle.
Our prices vary depending on the engine size of your vehicle. Get in touch via telephone or the contact page on the website to find out more.
We have created numerous blogs and social media posts, showcasing customers vehicles having had the Intake valves cleaned.
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Walnut intake valve cleaning

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