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How to know if your car needs a service

Since 2003, BMW have used there ‘I Drive ‘ system which enables the driver to check the vehicles service status along with braking components service life. This gives notice to the driver which service is required whether it be over a mileage or time basis. The vehicles key also stores the service data of the vehicle.

Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda vehicles have been equipped with a display in the instrument cluster to display the service required. This is either displayed as OIL, denoting a intermediate service is due or by INSP which denotes a major service is due. As BMW has its ‘ I Drive ‘ system, AUDI has a system called MMI which provides vehicle service system information on mileage and time to services due. Since 1997 Porsche has also used digital service indicators in the instrument cluster, similar to that of VW, reading either oil service or inspection service.

DSG Service

We advise a gearbox service every 38,000 miles no matter the age of your vehicle. Gearbox oil is a lubricant found is the transmission system to reduce wear and tear of the system. In short is keeps your gearbox working as it should!

When the Gearbox oil is old and dirty it will affect the performance of your car dramatically and any damage caused can lead to other components failing. The car will start running very sluggish and you will experience very slow gear shifting because of the grit and dirt sitting in the oil. Maintaining your DSG servicing is just as important as your basic servicing requirements and the same principle applies; keep your servicing history complete and the value of your vehicle will be far greater and easier to sell on.

Haldex Service

The VW/Audi Group recommend an Oil service every 38,000 miles, we recommend every 20,000 miles.
Different vehicle’s can be fit with different Haldex pumps. The Gen 1-4 has a filter which is replaced within the service. The Gen 5 models don’t have a filter, instead they have a gauze filter which needs to be taken apart and cleaned fully which is included in our Gen 5 Haldex service. We Remove the pump, Clean the gauze on the pump and clean out as much of the old oil as possible (Something even the dealerships don’t do!) and replace the bolts and seals. We then refill knowing that none of the new oil will be contaminated.
Failing to service your vehicle will only incur thousands of pounds worth of repair costs down the line.

Differential Service

We advise a differential oil change every 38,000 miles.

Why is it important that I have it changed when recommended? Changing this oil is just as important as changing your engine’s oil, and for the same reason. Metal-to-metal contact wears down surfaces and creates heat from friction, which inevitably weakens the gears and leads to failure.

Whether you have Front and Rear differential depends on if your vehicle is AWD OR FWD.

Our prices start at £80.

Why spend your hard earned money on a service that isn’t as honest, trustworthy and efficient as ours?
  • Honesty is our key to customer satisfaction. We give the customer honest advice and recommendations, regardless of the profit to us.
  • Efficient turnaround time of work to ensure the least disruption to customer.
  • No fuss / No nonsense service advice. We cut out all the jargon and get straight to the point about the cars condition and work required.
  • Our servicing does not invalidate your manufactures warranty. This is due to block exemption and our high-quality work carried out as an independent workshop.
  • Courtesy car available for the customer to maintain transport and minimise disruption.
  • All our work comes with a 12 month / 12,000-mile warranty.
Why Service Your Car?
  • To recognise potential future issues before they cause extensive repair bills and breakdown.
  • To maintain the future value of your vehicle.
  • Maintain fuel efficiency by having oils and filters changed. This helps improve the engines efficiency and drive down fuel costs.
  • To maintain manufactures warranty if applicable.

Most manufactures have systems to notify the driver when a service is due but is this enough?

Here at N E A T we can advise you of additional service requirements that would be due on your vehicle. Whether it be a brake fluid change, air conditioning service or timing belt service we have all the technical knowledge to keep your vehicles service life hassle free.

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