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What’s the difference between Petrol RON?

Posted on: March 4th, 2021 by NEAT

What’s the difference between Petrol RON?

We’ve been having a lot of enquiries recently regarding REVO re-mapping which is great! However, a few customers have been running their petrol vehicles on 95 RON. A low RON petrol shouldn’t be used on high performance vehicles, you should be using a Petrol RON of 97+.

Many people may not know the difference between the Petrol types and what it means by using a higher-grade. RON refers to the octane rating. This is a measure of how easily the fuel will ignite within the engine of a car. The higher the octane rating is, the harder it is for the fuel to ignite because the fuel requires greater compression in order to do so. However, because high octane fuel burns much hotter, it can burn more efficiently, and therefore performs better for higher-performance car engines that require it.

Your vehicle manual will advise you on which grade you should be using, you can also find the information on the inside of your filler cap.

Using a higher RON petrol offers benefits such as:

Improved lubrication throughout the pistons and Higher performance/slightly more power.

When REVO carry out their on the road testing, they actually specify the gains based on 99+ petrol. Therefore, you cant expect the same sort of gains if your not running the right Petrol.

Whether your vehicle is high performance or standard please make sure you are running the correct fuel for your vehicle.

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