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Timing Chain Fault Audi A1

Posted on: October 19th, 2020 by NEAT

Timing Chain Fault Audi A1

We’ve recently had this Audi A1 TSFI in with a Timing Chain fault.

Symptoms for issues with the timing chain will give 1 of 2 faults. The engine will either be rattly from cold start/just generally rattly or you will get an engine management fault code for cam crank coherent.

The issues arise as worn out oil can no longer lubricate the chain and will cause the rollers and links to wear against each other. As the chain runs around the gears of the camshafts and crankshaft, the movement between the rollers and links causes wear and elongation. Timing chain stretch is not the stretching of the timing chain, it is an elongation of the timing chain.This is caused by wear to the chain’s components. The most common cause of timing chain stretch is lack of maintenance and regular oil changes.

As the timing chain wears, this can change the timing of the camshaft and crankshaft. The change in timing is sensed by the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors. This can cause codes that indicate a correlation problem with the engine position sensors.

If the driver ignores the check engine light; Eventually the timing chain will elongate to the point that the engine may have a significant loss of power.

Chains were designed to last the lifetime of the engine. However, due to poor design, the chains stretch, tensioners fail therefore inevitably this causes severe engine damage.

This is a common problem in vehicles with 1.4 TFSI and 2.0 TSI engines.

In conclusion if you have any untoward noises on the engine please seek advise!

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Timing chain fault audi

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