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Timing chain failures

Posted on: March 9th, 2019 by NEAT

Modern day engine design is seeing the use of timing chain in 70% of engines. But with failures happening on a regular basis have they got the designs right?

We are replacing timing chains on engines from as low as 40,000 miles. Why you may ask?

In the pursuit of a light weight, low drag, eco friendly engines some cutbacks have to be made. The design of modern engines is not so over engineered as engines were 15 years ago.

The most common early signs of chain failure are:

Rattle on engine from cold start

Engine management light on with fault codes such as P0016  P0008  P1340  P0011    16400   17748

Lumpy and uneven idle

loss in power

V6 TDI chain replacement

We only use genuine timing chains when replacing the worn / stretched parts. Using the manufactures tooling we can accurately set the engine timing prior to removal and replacement of components.

If a chain is left un replaced when it is showing signs of pre failure the results can be extensive if failure occurs. This normally results in extensive repair costs, or in some cases replacement of engine is more cost efficient.

Keeping your vehicles service history up to date can help prolong the life of the chain.


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