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Dealership or Independent – Which one?

Posted on: November 9th, 2020 by NEAT

Dealership or Independent – Which one?

In a recent survey it was found that 70% of consumers use independent garages and the rest still use dealerships. This made us question why some people prefer to use the dealerships. What do they think they are getting, that we can’t provide. The facts are, nothing. So Dealership or Independent -Which one?

One of the most common reasons customers prefer to go to dealerships is because of their specialist knowledge about the make/model of the vehicle. We regain our custom because not only are we VW/Audi group specialists but customers are able to speak direct to a mechanic if needs be and can pass over information direct. We have a simple structure with our reception being in direct contact with the workshop. Coming to us will also NOT make your warranty invalid, because we use genuine parts therefore your warranty on the vehicle still applies!

Dealerships are perceived to have better knowledge, equipment and ability to fix vehicles. Independent garages like ours are just as qualified and we regularly update our equipment. Our technicians are frequently (When not in a pandemic) attending courses to make sure our knowledge is advancing with the times.

Other reasons are increased likelihood to stock car parts and offer courtesy cars. We use genuine and only OEM rated parts. We also have 4 courtesy cars available free of charge for our customers to use, to make life just that bit easier! So you can go about your day as normal!

Dealership or Independent – Which one?

We are a member of various associations including the Independent Garage Association The Retail Motor Industry which is also approved by trading standards.

Where do you prefer to take your vehicle and why?

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