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Common Skoda Fabia issues

Posted on: April 30th, 2021 by NEAT

Common Skoda Fabia issues… what to look for? Following on with our monthly study of a popular vehicle; We thought we’d move onto a slightly more standard daily driver, the Skoda Fabia.

What to look for?

One of the most common issues we come across is with the Windscreen washer pump. The pump itself either packs up or (throughout the winter months) the pipes block up and split. Water then leaks in the passenger footwell. Because of this people usually assume it’s their door seals and the water pump is overlooked.

The next problem they have is with Suspension. The Fabia suspension is known to be quiet stiff and a firmer drive. Due to this, its prone to failure. When buying a Fabia always do the bonnet test. Push hard on the bonnet and if takes more than 1-2 bounces back to get back to normal, have the suspension checked over by a specialist.

Skoda Fabia’s (1.4ltr Petrol engines) have a reputation for being one of the most oil dependent cars out there. If you are looking to purchase a Fabia and the oil is low, we would question the service history. We would also double check the rest of the vehicle. Purely because, if the oil has not been checked regularly, maintenance on the rest of vehicle may have been neglected.

Window regulator issues.

Window regulators are also a common part for failing on a Fabia. If your windows aren’t going up and down properly, sticking or falling to one side; these are all symptoms of your window regular being faulty! There are a couple of tips to try and prevent the regulator from failing. Once the window is up, don’t hold the button as it puts extra pressure on the motor. Also try using rubber care products. This will stop the seals from going hard and will allow the window to go up and down freely.

The Skoda Fabia electric power steering pump is very common to fail on all models. What starts off as intermittent loss of power steering, usually leads to total failure if left to progress.
Common Faults include:
1. Intermittent loss of steering.
2. Steering heavy on idle & on revs.
3. Noisy power steering pump.
4. Blowing fuses.
5. Steering warning light on.

Gearbox issues

Last but not least the DSG gearbox. Certain 7 speed Fabia’s suffered serious issues with the VW manufactured 7 speed gearbox. Most cars with this gearbox were recalled. However, check when buying that the gearbox is nice and smooth and there aren’t any pre-existing issues. You will get also get a fault on the dash come up when selecting gear if there is a fault with the gearbox. This will simply say ‘PRNDS’. If this warning light occurs, we would advise getting a diagnostics test done asap.

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Common Skoda Fabia issues

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