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Common seat Ibiza issues

Posted on: July 1st, 2021 by NEAT

Back again with a blog on common seat Ibiza issues! The Ibiza’s popularity hasn’t really stopped growing however, its best to know where issues may arise and how to stop them!


We’ll discuss the bigger issues first, starting with the coil packs! Not too much of a costly repair however they can cause a lot of different problems. From the easiest to spot, a rough idle and running to a noticeable lack of power. You may also experience a significant drop in RPM’s whilst accelerating for no apparent reason. As well as the active gas waning light appearing on the dash when the vehicle has plenty of fuel!


Costly issues


The Ibiza is also common for having gearbox issues. Sticking in gears and lots of clunking noises! You’ll find that if your clutch is on its way out, it may be noisy in neutral but quiet when the clutch is pressed. Grinding noises, noisy in acceleration, struggling to get it into gear and a squealing when the clutch pedal is pressed. Generally there are a lot of symptoms to recognise if you think you may have a clutch on its way out! It’s a good excuse to look at upgrading to a RTS clutch kit which you can purchase here: RTS


Slightly more complex is having issues with your ECU. There are a few signs to look out for including, engine stalling or misfiring, Performance issues, car not starting and of course the warning light appearing on the dash. If you do think you may be experiencing some of the above issues, you can get your ECU tested prior to purchasing a new one. Depending on the issue you can get it repaired by companies such as However, the first port of call would be to get a diagnostic test carried out to determine the issues so your not changing parts without the knowledge its correct!


Less complex issues


Less complex issues include window regulator issues and door latch problems. New units are generally the only option to fix the issue and they both have very noticeable symptoms. The window would struggle and jump to go up and down if your having issues with the regulator. Issues with the door latch would include the door not staying closed as well as the door not opening on the first try.


So hopefully this has simply lined out some issues with the Seat Ibiza’s and any potential problems! You can get in touch with us on 01642 613852 if you are wanting vehicle inspection/diagnostic test. We carry out a full report on the vehicle which you can also keep for your records!
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Common seat ibiza issues

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