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Code reads and Diagnostic tests

Posted on: April 26th, 2022 by NEAT

The difference between code reads and diagnostic tests.

The two are similar which is where the initial confusion arises. A Code read is the process of connecting a scanner to the vehicle and reading/scanning the vehicle for codes/data. You would carry out this procedure if a warning light has appeared on your dash. The Code read is then to scan for a code that caused your check Engine light/Airbag etc to come on. This may reveal a numerical code which indicates where the issue has come from within the vehicle.


Diagnostic testing is a similar process however more of the vehicle is analysed. Diagnostic testing is the process of finding the actual problem with the on board system through visual inspection, testing of wiring, visual inspections of the vehicle and more. This is why a diagnostic test is more accurate and from this we can usually get to the root of the issue within the first hour. In some cases the vehicle may need further diagnostics. We prefer to know the root of the issue before just replacing parts for the sake of it.

This means that although we charge for the initial diagnostic test, the advice we give on how to repair the issues is accurate and will ultimately solve the issues you’re having with the vehicle. Sometimes issues are more complex and there may be a few issues the vehicle has, in this case we will always disclose the correct information to the customer on their options.

Sometimes customers query why we charge for a diagnostics. Some expect to have a refund of the fee from the diagnostics test if they choose to repair the fault with the vehicle.  However, we do not refund the diagnostic fee due to us spending time on the vehicle. As explained above, we don’t just plug a scanner in and the machine gives us the information. The Diagnostic test is a thorough inspection of the vehicle by an experienced Technician. You are paying for their time and expertise to properly diagnose your vehicle.

Customers requests

For these reasons above we don’t always just carry out repairs at a customer’s request if we’re not sure that it correlates to the issues they are having. We usually advise carrying out a diagnostics test prior to make sure (as much as we can) what is causing the problems they are having. Obviously this doesn’t apply to repairs such as brakes/springs. This applies to engine management issues/transmission and all electronic faults.

The wait for diagnostic testing is usually around 2/3 weeks. Therefore, if you are having issues with your vehicle try and call us as soon as you can. Don’t wait to see if the problem goes away! You can email/call/facebook message us to book in! Contact


Code reads and Diagnostic tests

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