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Business price increases

Posted on: April 21st, 2022 by NEAT

Due to the ever increasing cost of parts, we can no longer put off business price increases. For two years we have absorbed the increasing costs of running the business. However, unfortunately the time has come where it is no longer viable for us to do this. With the costs of parts, electric, fuel and so on all increasing drastically we have to up our prices by around 7% across the board. This increase does still not correlate to the overall increase to us. We have tried to keep the costs as low as we could, as we have never been a business to charge the maximum we could and have always tried to keep our customers right!

Genuine parts

Certain genuine vehicles parts however have shot up in price hugely, some by up to 30%. In these cases we have no control over the increase, be assured we will always give you the best price we can offer.

There may also be more delays sourcing certain genuine parts. This is to do with a number of things we unfortunately have no control over. Certain parts from the dealerships are on back order, in this case we have to place the order and find out within 72 hours a rough time frame. Obviously this isn’t ideal if said part is crucial to your vehicles running. However, again issues like this are out of our control.

Performance parts

Performance parts will also be receiving an increase in the coming months. A few of our suppliers have pre-warned us of the increase in parts. Due to their increasing manufacturing and material costs, companies have no choice but to increase the product cost. As with ourselves, lots of our performance parts suppliers have absorbed the increasing costs for the past couple of years however it’s just no longer sustainable to do so.

If you request a quote from us, please note that the quote is valid for up to a month after. As long as the vehicle is booked in within the month we can honor the quote! If you would like information and pricing on servicing, repairs or upgrades. Call us on 01642 613852 or email us at: Contact page.

Business price increases

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