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Benefits of upgraded RTS brake pads

Posted on: August 31st, 2022 by NEAT

Benefits of upgraded RTS brake pads

Trying to decide whether to upgrade your brake pads, but not sure whether its worth it? If you have mapped your vehicle or have added various other performance upgrades, we would advise upgraded pads and discs every time. Simply; if you vehicle is running at a higher power, your brakes need to match up to the same standard. Standard brakes are inevitably built to pass the safety regulations however using budget materials.

We hold a range of RTS brake pads in stock to suit VAG vehicles. There are a few benefits to upgrading, the first and most important feature being the safety of the vehicle! The upgraded brakes improve the vehicle stopping power, by increasing the force that can be applied. Secondly is increasing the amount of heat the system can safely dissipate. In other words, reducing the chance of the hardware overheating. The risks from the hardware overheating causes brake fade. Brake fade occurs when the heat doesn’t have time to dissipate, like when you keep your foot on the brake pedal in stop-and-go traffic, drive aggressively, brake down a long hill, or drive with an overloaded vehicle. When there’s an excessive buildup of heat, your brakes will start to feel less responsive and you might experience brake fade.

Obviously driving style also affects the quality of your brake pads. Steer clear of aggressive driving to increase the lifespan of your pads aswell as using engine braking. For example; gradually slowing by letting your foot of the accelerator as opposed to carrying on at a continued speed, then having to slam your foot on the brakes.


Outlined below is a range of benefits from upgrading to RTS brake pads:

None aggressive friction technology

Install and forget confidence to all callipers

Efficient and responsive braking from cold to hot temperatures

Chamfered edge friction creates a more responsive and smoother braking feel

Excellent sheer strength resistance

Nominal friction coefficient 0.41

Excellent wear, fade and vibration free characteristics

Available in sets of front and rear pads across an extensive range of performance applications

To be used for Fast Road and Track Use.


ECE R90 accreditation is a legal requirement for all brake pads to meet European standards, RTS pads have passed vigorous testing to meet the highest requirements and give outstanding braking capabilities on road/track days in wet and dry working conditions.

Again we hold a range of the pads in reception or you can purchase from our sister company ‘VAGperformance’ as well as the upgraded discs if you want to go the whole hog! Pop in and chat to us or use the ‘Contact page‘ here.

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