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ASNU FSI GDI injector testing

Posted on: February 7th, 2020 by NEAT

ASNU FSI injector

FSI fuel injector testing

ASNU FSI injector

With the advance of modern day fuel injected engines comes many problems. Fuel quality along with environmental problems, will contribute to fuel injector failure. Whether this be a simple blockage or a complete failure of the injector. We now have the capability to identify these problems and offer a cost effective solution.

ASNU are world leader in fuel injector test and repair equipment. Our equipment will test and identify problems with petrol fuel injectors. We can cater for trade enquiries as well as public customers. We can also offer a mail order service if you are a competent DIY’er and would like us to test your fuel injectors just drop us an email and we can get them sorted straight away.

Below is an example of a failed injector. This vehicle came in with an issue with number 6 cylinder locking up on cranking. You can see that cylinder 6 injector is leaking and constantly flowing / leaking. This was resolved with little cost compared to replacing the injector for new.

fuel injector testing

petrol injector testing

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